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Images of Truth

Name: Images of Truth

Country: India

Director and Writer: Dadi D.Pudumjee

Email: dadipud@gmail.com

Technique: Table Top and Marotte

Name of Company: Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Audience: All ages. (Recommended 7 and above)

Designer: Dadi D.Pudumjee

Puppet and Mask Maker: Dadi Pudumjee, Puran Bhatt, Kapil Dev

Puppeteers: Pawan Waghmare, Kumari Yadav, Nitu Kumari,Dinker Sharma, Pranav Brar, Keshavandra Gogoi ,Anand Kumar,

Dadi D.Pudumjee

Music: Bjorn Json Lindh, Wim Mertens, Sergio Mendes, Michael Nyman, Jan Garbarek, Pirpauke.

Singer: Shri Madhup Mudgal

Light Designer: Rishab Srivastava

Time: 50 Minutes

Summary: A story about a man small in stature but a colossus of peace ,where equality is acquired not by violence and might but from non violence and satyaghara.

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