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Name: Shirin

Country: Afghanistan

Writer and Director: Mohammad Ayrik (Kaveh Ayrik)

Email: husain.kaveh@gmail.com

Technique: Shadow Puppet

Name of Company: Mime Theater

Audience: Public

Puppet and Set Designer: Ali Momeni

Puppeteers: Fatemeh Ayrik, Soghra Setayesh, Tahereh Rezaei, Mina Rezaei, Zahra Khodadadi, Ali Momeni

Music: Nasrollah Tavakoli


Summary: Shirin is a story of keeping honor and pride, of the self and of a whole group of people. It is a story of Shirin, a proud young woman, who fights with the enemy after all the men in her community are killed. Then, when she knows she cannot par with the enemy, and will be defeated, she throws herself off of a cliff.

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