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The Writer

Name: The Writer

Country: The Netherlands

Director: Jo Strømgren

Writer: Ulrike Quade, Jo Strømgren

Email: rutger@ulrikequade.nl

Technique: Muppet and Marotte

Name of Company: Ulrike Quade Company

Audience: Adult

Puppet Designer and Maker: Ulrike Quade

Set Designer: Jo Strømgren

Costume Designer: Atti Kingma

Puppeteers: Ulrike Quade, Vera Kaye

Music: Edvard Grieg, Bergmund Waal Skaslien, Murcof

Light Designer: Stephen Rolfe

Sound Designer: Lars Ardal

Assistant: Maria Landgraf

Duration: 65 Minutes

Summary:  In The Writer, a PhD-student is writing her thesis on Knut Hamsun. She asks him questions about the different phases of his life. In a subtle and seductive way she manages to get the profoundly human out of this contentious historical figure. During their contact, reality, desire, comprehension and incomprehension alternate almost unnoticed.


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